Welcome to SMK Negeri 2 Manado

SMK Negeri 2 Manado is a technical vocational school located on Jalan Pomorouw Manado North Sulawesi. The school was built in 1961 with two majors; Building and Electric. Then, it was developed based on technology industries needs in town, even all over the world. So Indonesia government, especially National Educational Ministry and Local Department supported to hold other skills in mechanical engineering and electronics studies.

Now there are 12 skill competences studies in the school; Masonry and Brick Construction Technical, Surveying and Mapping, Drawing Building, Electrical Works, Audio Video, Machinery, Welding, Light Vehicles, Motorcycles, Heavy Equipments, Computer and Network, and Multimedia.

The school has been accepted to be an international school by Indonesia Educational Ministry since 2008. Everything is running quickly as well as the technology progress nowadays.

We prepare all the students to be young professional workers according to their chosen skills.

We prove the peopleĀ  expectations and wills for the best future lives.

Thank you.

Best Regards.